Westminster 2018


From Whelping Box to the Show Ring,
Whope Never Loses her Step.
Congratulations on Winning Best Select Female

Local dogs hope to have their day at Westminster Kennel Club show – Bucks County Courier Times

…The show draws dogs from all over the United States, as well as 16 other countries. Pennsylvania and New Jersey are well-represented this year, ranking third and fourth, respectively, in entrants (which total more than 2,800). And residents of both Bucks and Burlington counties will be able to cheer for their “home dogs,” as two local pups enter the national spotlight in hopes of being crowned top dog.

Ch. Pililani’s Turquoise Treasure, aka Turq, a great Dane from Mansfield, and Whope dell’ Albera Silver Pastori, aka Whope, a Bergamasco sheepdog from Northampton, will be strutting their stuff in the ring as they vie to bring home the Westminster Legend Trophy…READ MORE

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