Forever in our Hearts

Dell Albera Beginnings – Italy

Sadly, over the years, we have lost a few of our very special dogs who will remain forever in our hearts.

Pandia dell’ Albera Sp

AKC Champion, ARBA Champion,
UKC Champion, Best in Show

– DOB: 31/03/2008
– Sire: Tempeluddens Zeus
– Dam: Florinda dell’ Albera Silver Flower

Lamira del Montegergine “Hemera”

IABCA Int Nat, Champion

– DOB: 07/27/2007
– Sire: Cidonio del Montevergine
– Dam: Dyomena-Dascha del Montevergine

Shyla dell’ Albera Sp

– DOB: 30/05/2010
– Sire: Tempeluddens Estremo “Zeus”
– Dam: Lamira “Hemera” Montervergine

Tempeluddens Estremo “Zeus”


“Our Master Bear, You Will Never Be Far From Our Hearts”

11 Best in Shows
UKC Top Ten Dog 2009
IABCA Int., Nat., CH – ARBA Champion – Canadian CFC Champion
NAKC International Champion – Best in Show – Reserve Best in Show
AKC, Certificate of Merit

– DOB: April 23, 2005
– Sire: Bautastenens Atos – Dam: Ria dell’ Albera

Karhmae dell’ Albera Silver Moon

ARBA, Rarities, Canine Federation of Canada
Best In Show Winner

DOB: 2/17/2004
Sire: Clothos dell’ Albera Silver Chique
Dam: Gae dell’ Albera Silver Streak

Florinda dell’ Albera Silver Flower

ARBA Champion – Rarities Grand Champion
Canadian CFC Champion

Forever in our Hearts,
We will Love you Forever until we See you Again
Run Free with all your Friends

Video: Our Flurry

– DOB: 11/10/2001
– Sire: Fauno dell’ Albera

Athena Chique Silver Star

ARBA Champion

Forever in our Hearts,
Athena Chique Silver Heart
Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, War, the Arts, Industry, Justice and Skill
12/22/2000 to 08/28/2013
Mother of 21 Children & 22 Grandchildren
Play now, with all your Brothers and Sisters,
Someday we will be together again..XO I love you, Mom

– Sire: Ammone dell’ Albera
– Dam: Igea dell’ Albera

Lindoro dell’ Albera

ARBA Champion — UKC Champion — Rarities Amerian Champion
Rarities International Champion — Rarities Canadian Champion
Best In Show Winner — ARBA’s #10 Dog in 2001

To Celebrate a Life
06/24/1998 – 07/09/2012
Sired 37 Puppies

– Sire: Inbar dell’ Albera
– Dam: Ceres dell’ Albera

Nerea dell’ Albera


Our Old Soul, Sweet Nerea you’ll be in my Heart Forever

– DOB: 02/07/2000
– Sire: Itis dell’ Albera
– Dam: Ceres dell’ Albera

Meropa dell’ Albera


October 10, 1999 to February 7, 2012

– Sire: Dingo dell’ Albera
– Dam: Egeria dell’ Albera

Fauno dell’ Albera “Blackfoot”

ARBA Champion — CRS Champion
CKC International Champion — DFUSA Champion
CKC Top Dog in Herding Breed for 1997
TEN Times Best In Show Winner
CKC 2nd Place Herding Dog for 1998
ARBA’s 7th Place Dog for 1999

“Fauno dell albera Blackfoot” — January 12, 1995 to April 3, 2010
“We Celebrate A Life”

Fauno Dell’Albera, Alias Blackfoot: 01/12/95, Born Vercelli, Italy. Son Of Brio & Vitalba Now Part of the American Indian Tribe Of Bucks County, The Lodge At The DeFalcis’. Fauno has the distinct advantage of being the first Bergamasco Sheepdog that we brought into the US Of A and of course the rest is history in the making.

Fauno, a large dark grey merl male with several patches of black looked as no other species that we’ve seen, has now grown into a beautiful dark grey and black heather burly bear.

Fauno serious in nature, normally quiet, unless he had something to say or wanted, (ex. a female in season) always reserved and regal in stature.

Fauno has a way of making all feel secure knowing that he would always stand beside you no matter what came around.

Fauno, quite the peace maker and master would let you know when puppy play got too close to home. Never going out of his way to look for trouble, Fauno would let you know when someone was a trouble maker, whether it was human or beast, by alerting you with a subtle sub-vocal intonation.

Fauno, free as he wants to be, has a heart of gold, understands as much as he wants to, and also as much as you confide in him. Strong, docile, commands respect by demeanor not by aggressive behavior. Overall behavior extremely complex in nature, balanced and content with himself and his surroundings.

I would not trade Fauno nor could I replace Fauno with anyone but Fauno Dell Albera himself.

Clothos dell’ Albera Silver Chique

ARBA Champion – UKC Champion

07/03/1999 to 08/31/2010
Video: Clothos Shining Star

– DOB: 07/03/1999
– Sire: Eliser dell’ Albera
– Dam: Igea dell’ Albera

Gae dell’ Albera

ARBA Champion — CRS Champion CKC International Champion

Gae Sweetheart Darling — 03/17/1996 to 10/11/2007
For Gae Video

– Sire: Don dell’ Albera
– Dam: Didone dell’ Albera

May we pay homage
not just on this day, but on all days to come; B to this Goddess.
Gaea, Mother Earth, Creation;
Instill upon us gratitude and respect —
for all that you bestow [your gifts of plenty],


To live in harmony and by the law of you;
May there be unity among mankind and you, the Mother,
as we see the truth of shorepine and the douglas fir;
and inhale the scent of cypress, juniper and yew —

Let us be as one with you and the mystery,
your forests of green and your moon of silvery-white;
to remain humble at the shores of your waters,[oceans and clear water streams]

Great Mother Earth, teach us wisdom;
so we may understand that we are — but by and through you;
and that we may walk in strength, this path of life,
so we do not destroy in malice your children,
all the small creatures of land and of sea;

May we bring fruition to this land;
Spirit of us, and those who will come after;
let us borrow and replace that which we take,
let us be the voice and the vessel;
may we hold sacred the “all” that is but by the grace of you.


Gaea, bless us on this journey of unity”

(Anonymous Poem)

Latria dell’ Albera Silver Dancer

ARBA Champion

“Dance by Dear Friend, Dance Among Stars
Forever in our Hearts — Our Latsy”
3/28/1998 – 3/24/2009

– Sire: Guiba dell’ Albera
– Dam: Egeria dell’ Albera

Galassia dell’ Albera


My Sweet Sweet Gala, Run Free My Friend”
9/16/1996 – 11/10/2004

– Sire: Zecchinno dell’ Albera
– Dam: Ceres dell’ Albera